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Dry Cleaning

Many dry cleaners claim to be "environmentally-friendly", but not all of them are.
Past methods in dry cleaning consisted of a chemical called Perc, which has a residual odor and is harmful to both people and the environment.

At One Price Dry Cleaning, we don't use harmful chemicals. We use new state-of-the-art equipment, environmentally-friendly machines, and non-harmful products to properly and safely clean your clothes or household linens. After they are cleaned, they undergo a careful finishing process so that you get your garments back in the best possible condition.
Bedding & Linen

Freshening up your comforters, pillows, and other linens with a weekly washing is a chore, but we will take the grind out of this with hassle-free professionally cleaning.

Our professional equipment can get rid of skin cells, bed bug remains, dust mites, and other residue that you might be sharing your bed with. Dry cleaning these items is a far more effective way of removing unwanted bedfellows than the residential washing machine.

One Price Dry Cleaning does this in an environmentally safe manner so that you can sleep safely and comfortably in the linens you've invested in. We also clean curtains and other household items. It is our pleasure to make your family environment comfortable, safe and healthy with our eco-friendly cleaning.

Whether they are your favorite clothes or your exercise routine is paying off, clothing that fits comfortably and perfectly makes you look and feel better. If only all off-the-rack clothing fitted, we wouldn't need to worry about alterations but sadly that's not the case.
Ready-to-wear clothing is made for the mass market but we can personalize the fit just for you.

We take pride in offering quality workmanship and aim to delight our clients with the superb results of our alterations. We offer a wide range of services from sewing on a button and hemming, to complete re-cutting of suits and bridal gowns. Our store includes a fully equipped work area with an inventory of sewing supplies to handle most projects.

Whether the job involves a new garment straight off the rack or an old favorite, simple or complex, our attention to detail is unsurpassed and will assure you of good looks and personal satisfaction every time. Come and experience our commitment to excellence from our professional staff.
Wedding Gowns

Preserving you memories and having an heirloom that you can possibly pass down to your daughters for generations to come is important to you but anything can happen at a wedding.

One Price Dry Cleaning is here to help - not only do we clean that perfect gown but we help you preserve it. We strive to provide you with the best cleaning service we can offer using environmentally safe options at an affordable price. We will endeavor to do everything possible to restore "the Perfect Dress".

Tuxedos, Prom Dresses, and Evening Gowns are carefully cleaned and we will do our professional best to remove stains and to restore and preserve your treasured memories. Please feel free to give us a call or bring your garment by to see how we can help you.
Clothing Restoration (as a result of Smoke, Water, Fire, or Mold Damage)

Some of your favorite clothing, perhaps a doll's dress or your child's outfit, might show damage from age with yellowing or an unfortunate incident, such as a fire or flood.

Mold can easily grow on clothes if you have too much moisture in your home. Clothes made of cotton or other organic materials make great food sources for mold to live on and can be a primary concern to homeowners whose home has been affected by mould contamination. Left untreated, effects on one's health can be disastrous.

Should you find mold on your clothes, it should be removed as soon as possible. Signs of mold are portrayed by symptoms – itchiness where the mould comes in contact with your skin and results in a rash; sneezing when wearing affected clothing. Another reason to remove it from clothes as quickly as possible, is the damage it can do to your clothing. Mold digests whatever material it's growing on so long term mould growth will destroy clothing. As mold grows larger it will also leave a greater stain on your clothing which can be difficult to remove and the clothes will smell.

Finally, mold on clothes releases mould spores into the air of your home which can promote mould growth indoors. Additionally a buildup of spores in your home's air can cause you to suffer allergic symptoms while you are inside your house such as sneezing and sore eyes. If you have a mold problem in your home, you are probably suffering several of these symptoms. In fact, many people suffer symptoms without realizing the cause, instead assuming they have hayfever or a cold.

We are here to help! Our equipment and the processes we use can help you to restore your precious items to their original glory.
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